From consultation to prescription, we’re proud to offer our patients some of the best value plant medicine care in the UK.

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We are clear and upfront about our costs

As an Alternaleaf patient you'll only pay a flat £49 for your initial consultation and £49 for any follow-ups – and if your Alternaleaf doctor decides plant medicine isn't the right option, you won't be charged.

Pre-screen questionnaire
30 seconds
Online screening
Only takes 30 seconds
No referral required
Initial consultation
20 minutes
best value tag
We are clear and upfront about our costs. At the price of £49, we provide the value and quality care of any plant-based medicine clinic in the UK.
Affordable and accessible care
No charge if you're not eligible
Telehealth consultation
Personalised prescription and treatment plan
Follow up consultations
15 minutes
Online appointment with your Alternaleaf doctor
Assess treatment & answer your questions
Change prescription or issue repeats
FREE Repeat Prescription fee
No need to pay for your prescription
Only pay for your medicine

Frequently asked questions

How long does my prescription last?
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Prescriptions typically last 6 months and will have a certain number of repeats attached to them. If there are still any repeats left when your prescription expires, you'll be unable to use them.

How do I get a repeat prescription?
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If you have used up all the repeats on a prescription and need it to be re-issued, book a follow-up appointment with your doctor using your Alternaleaf Portal.

Can I make changes to my prescription?
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Our doctors and pharmacists are happy to discuss adjustments to your medication based on what is clinically appropriate for your specific condition. If you’re an existing patient and would like to speak to your doctor about adjustment, please book a follow up consultation by emailing or calling +44 1283 244025.

What brand and formulation will I be prescribed?
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Our team of Alternaleaf doctors are experts in treating patients with medical cannabis and will prescribe the brand and formulation of your treatment after a comprehensive medical assessment. Your doctor has access to a wide range of formulations, and will derive a tailored treatment plan to your personal situation and also monitor or adjust the medication on a regular basis.

Need To Order A Repeat Prescription?

We have made managing your prescriptions even more convenient!
You can now order your repeat prescriptions directly through our website. Click the button below, and our dedicated team will ensure your medications are ready for you. We are here to make the process as seamless as possible.
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